Monday, September 15, 2008

I Heart the CPD

So I am not sure how many of you are up to speed on my history with the Champaign Police department... they have a tendency to stop by in the middle of the night. Allow me to explain.

A few years ago when Karen was staying with me while she was doing her student teaching. We got a knock on the door in the middle of the night when some idiot ran into Karen's car which was parked on the street in front of my house. His car ended up just over the curb in my yard, and Karen's was pushed two houses down and totaled.

About a year after that incident I heard arguing in outside, and thought is was perhaps the new neighbors. It kept up and then moved towards the front of the house, I looked out the front window and a mas was being arrested in my front yard. Later the cops were in the back yard with flashlights, so I got brave enough to go out and ask what was going on. Evidently several blocks away the cops were called three times to a house when the ex-husband kept showing up, he took off the last time and the cops chased him on foot and caught up to him when he tried to jump the fence in my back yard. The cops were using the flashlight to find the magazine clip he lost on the fence climb. The next week when I was mowing I found his handcuffs and returned them to the police station.

So on Friday night Eric was in town with his parents, Mike and Linda. On the way to dinner I was telling them my CPD stories, and we were all laughing. Eric joked that it was about time for another visit. Well who knew... Eric can be kind of prophetic sometimes.

At about 5:15 a.m on Saturday morning I was sleeping on the couch (a gracious hostess always gives up her bed for her guests... plus trying to impress the future in-laws never hurts) and I heard urgent voices outside, it let up and I heard it again, then a bright light was shining in through the front window. I got up to investigate and just as I was looking out the front door, and officer was approaching. I stepped outside to talked to him, and noticed he had a nasty cut on his cheekbone, it was swollen and bleeding. After after him assistance (he declined and said the ambulance was on its way) he proceeds to tell me he may have damaged the fence/gate near my garage when he chased a guy around my house... about then another cop comes from said gate/fence with a rather sassy suspect in cuffs. Evidently he possibly burgled a house 4 or 5 blocks away, they saw him walking near my house. The cop pulled in my driveway, and told him to stop and he thought a better idea would be to run around my house. They kind of bent up my fence when he was apprehended. Anywho he was super nice and took my information and said they would take photos of my fence... not big deal it just needs to be bent back.

He came back to let me know they were finishing up (calling me by name) and that he was going to the ER for a few stitches. I took another look later and the other officer was wandering about, I opened the door and he asked if I had a hose... we went back and he just needed an outdoor water source not a hose because the first officer had to use pepper spray on the suspect, and he was the one that took him to the squad car and he got the spray on his hands and then in his eyes. So he proceeded to wash his eyes out in my back yard.

Meanwhile Mike & Linda slept through the whole thing, but Eric had heard the commotion and we laughing hysterically at the timing of it all. We were really rolling but we had to be quiet as to not wake his parents, plus I didn't want to laugh in the face of the very nice police officer who obviously was having a tough night.

FYI, he was totally cute and tall and Eric was getting tickled at the fact that I was trying to look for a wedding ring (not that they always wear the on duty) so I could set him up with Nikki.

Anyway all is well, and hats off to the CPD for keeping all of the bad guys off the street and dragging them out of my yard!

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Abe and Allison said...

Maybe this is God telling you that you should sell your house! :)