Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jano Castastic

So Jano Castastic was my Jano Fabulous alter ego during the six weeks that I had a cast on my foot and was on crutches. Not only could I not walk during those six weeks, but since the cast was on my right foot I was unable to drive, which pretty much sucked. Well Jano Castatic has been gone for over three weeks now, and no offense but I hope she never comes back. Anyway, I am posting a picture of Jano Castastic at the STL Cardinals game with Nikki, Angie and Nate back in April. Basically I am posting this picture so I can see if I am talented enough to post a picture on my blog. I figure it will be good practice for when I want to post pictures from my upcoming vacation in San Francisco (two weeks and five days, not that I am counting), plus I enjoy the picture as it reminds me of the hysterical wheelchair adventures from that day, and lets face it, we are a rather attractive group regardless, but we look particularly fierce rockin' our Cards gear


Nikki said...

Lookin fierce even though the orange cast/red Cards gear is a bit clashy. Oh well....good times anyways. And the current countdown is 1 week, 6 days 10 hours. So excited!

nathan said...

thanks for adding my blog to your site. i've returned the favor.