Sunday, June 3, 2007

Goin' Crazy! (and other graduation highlights)

So many of you may know that this weekend I celebrated my nephew Lane's graduation from Carlinville High School. His party was Saturday night, and the graduation ceremony was today (Sunday). Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was today at lunch before graduation. My family was talking about the Cardinals (go figure), and my Mom asked Lane, "Do you know where Aunt Jane is going?" (referring to my upcoming trip to San Francisco/Oakland to see the Cardinals play the A's-10 days for those of you playing the home version of the countdown game). Lane's completely dead-pan response was "CRAZY, that's where she is goin!!!!". Hence the title of this post. Ah, this is just one of the many reasons I love Lane, his sense of humor.

Anyway the graduation/party was a big success and and fun was had by all. I am so proud of Lane, for many reasons, but one in particular is that he was awarded a scholarship for his volunteer and community service efforts during the year-end assembly at school this past week. He has volunteered at his church, the local food pantry, with Salvation Army, ran the curtain for the school musical, served as equipment manager for the baseball and football teams, and volunteered several summers of labor to the local school district as a maintenance helper (he scraped gum from underneath school desks for free!), among many others. This summer my small group at church will be discussing servant leadership. I think we could all learn from Lane's example. He has definitely been blessed witha servant heart.

Okay, so done bragging, now I can share some of the other crazy graduation moments. Just minutes before the graduates were set to process into the gym, the President of School Board completely passed out on the stage, and had to be carried out in his chair. Evidently he had the flu, and the heat combined with dehydration was not a good thing. Drama!!! Also, my Mom and I sat behind a group of four members of the "Iron Sleds Motorcycle Club" (Harley dudes) at the graduation ceremony. It was sweet.. one had a mullet, another a camouflage dew rag, the third was bald and sporting a fu-man-chu 'tache, while the fourth was sporting a blue tooth head set. It so reminded my of the game they used to play on Sesame Street- "One of these things is not like the other, but three of these things are kinda the same. Can you tell me which one of these things is not like the other, now it's time to play our game, it's time to play our game.

Well those are some of the graduation highlights. I hope to have something exciting to post about soon, but it may be hard to top the Iron Sleds and the passed out School Board President, which I thought were both very blog worthy.

Oh, and I have decided to add a "kudos" section to each post when appropriate. Today kudos go to my buddy Nathan (see Nate Down Under link) for picking up the phone when I called him on my way home from Carlinville. I had made it all the way to Monticello and was just 25 minutes from home when I hit the "I am so tired, this drive is so boring, I am not going to make it" driving wall. Needless to say Nathan got me home save and sound... Kudos Nathan!!!!

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WooHoo!! First kudos. I rock!