Thursday, June 7, 2007

Same Brain

So here is an interesting story. Often times my friend Nikki and I share the same brain. We have the same thoughts about things, no matter how random they might be. Well it turns out that we are now sharing "our brain" with April and her mom, Jane. First, a little background. We met April and Jane at the Cardinals Winter Warm Up in STL in January. You spend a lot of time waiting in lines at Winter Warm Up, and to pass the time you start talking to strangers. We started talking to April and Jane, kept seeing them all weekend and well what kind of baseball lovin' girls would we be if we didn't bond over southpaws and baseball booties? Before the weekend was over we exchanged names and emails, decided to keep in touch and try to get together sometime in STL for a game (they live in central Missouri)

Fast forward to today. I sent an email to April telling her we had two extra tickets to the game on July 8, and asked if she and Jane would like to go to the game with us. A little bit later I get a response saying how it was funny that we had invited them to the game on July 8, because they had two extra tickets to the game on July 7 and were going to invite us to join them. Needless to say we are going to both games and are going to make a weekend out of it. The same brain thing, kind of creepy, huh? Oh, it gets creepier... the tickets we both have, in the same section just one row apart. Now is that a coinkydink or what?

Kudos: WIXY (local country radio station) and their 90's at 9:00, which is often the highlight of my day at work. Today's fav 90 song, Terri Clark's "I've Got Better Things to Do"

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Nikki said...

I love that song. I wish I could WIXY while I worked in Decatur. Decatur stations suck.