Sunday, June 17, 2007

Do You Get Hiccups In The Midwest?

So Saturday's game was rather eventful. The Cards came through with a big victory 15-6, and some of the A's fans didn't take it too well. They didn't really yell at the Cards or the Card fans much, but they were less than kind to their own players. On a personal note we had both a very pleasant and a very unpleasant A's fan encounter.

The good news first... we were sitting in bleachers behind a group of 4 or 5 guys in their 20's all grads of Cal Poly. We had lots of fun with two in particular. They good naturedly gave us crap, and we finally gave it back... they said they liked us better when we were quiet. One of them took a little cat nap in the inning when the Cards scored 5 runs, while his buddy was out getting refreshments. He woke up and was like "What happened?"... poor guy, we scored another 5 before the inning was over... he said he should have kept on sleeping. They were heckling random Brewers fans at the game, with a very clever "Hey, Brewers fans, in California our cows are happy!" They were lots of fun. One of them got a horrible case of the hiccups, that was amusing. After an inning or so of hiccups and us giggling at him he turned around and was like "Do you get hiccups in the midwest?" Coindientally Nik got the hiccups back at the hotel after the game.

Okay for the not so pleasant A's fans. Several innings into the game two women came and sat next to us, moving from left field because everyone out there was loud and obnoxious. She made a point to say that she liked the Cardinals and that they were the team she followed in the National League, but then proceeded to knock our manager, every player and the midwest in general for the next several innings. Talk about passive aggressive. She said that she was from Oakland, and didn't care much for SF... obviously because she tried to tell us we would have to transfer on the BART on the way back to SF after the game... no sweetheart, not so much, not if you get on the right train. She also tried to tell us that the A's have been in the post season much more than the Cardinals... we quickly let her know that the Cards have 10 WS championships (2nd only to the Yankees not the A's) and that we had been in the playoffs every year for the past five years. Of course she wasn't one of those fair weather fans that left early... no she stayed for almost the entire game... and would not shut up.

After the game while waiting for the BART some guy in a Dodger jersey tried to tell us he was a scout for LA and that he would get us on the field for tomorrows game. He kept trying to get our names, but fortunately another young lady Card fan waiting for the BART (they had tried to feed her the same line) came over and just started chatting with us about her love of Yadier Molina and her distress at him being on the DL, and completely rescued us from them. She said that they were all over her too, and that us Cardinal girls needed to stick together. Ironically she is from Moline, Illinois and went to college in Quincy and has relocated to the Bay area. So, todays "Kudos" go to her.

Over the past two games we have noticed that the A's public address announcer sounds like a 70's game show host, and sometimes the accompanying music goes along with his voice. He is not the best anuciater either, and the way he says Albert Poooohose is so annoying. Ok, I could see mispronouncing some rookie name, just up from AAA, but Albert is an All-Star, MVP who has been in the league for more than 5 years.

Today's game featured a Flores Family showdown as Randy pitched against his brother, Ron, who plays for the A's. Randy didn't fair so well against his brother... he obviously knew I was there and just lost focus.

Oh, other random note, we saw So Taguchi on the street near our hotel earlier today. He went 4 for 6 at the game tonight... evidently we are good luck.

Well I think I am caught up on the blog... totally broke down and paid for wireless from the hotel for a day. Not that I didn't want a cupcake, but it is just hard to get there when they are open.

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