Monday, June 18, 2007

Ready Set Gay!

That was the title of the insert that was in our Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. We thought we could dedicate this post to some of various things you encounter in San Francisco that you don't see so much in C-U.

First of all, these people walk kind of slow. I am all for the relaxed and slower pace, fine, whatever, but I am only in this city for short while, there are things I want to see... I don't want to spend 10 minutes walking to Powell Street station if I can do it in 5... get out my way! These folks would not make it in Chicago, on Michigan Avenue especially. Nik and I commented that our very fast walking friend, Lindsey, who lives in Chicago would turn these poor people into dust.

There are homeless people everywhere asking for spare change. Well that is probably in every city, but San Fran has nice weather all the time so they are always out and about. I enjoy the various different approaches they take to get your attention. One guy near Powell Station noticed we were wearing Cards baseball gear so he just started yelling at us "Safe! He's Safe!"

We also have seen several of the R2D2 mailboxes around town, along with Starbucks literally on every corner. Heading back to our hotel one couple behind us was overhead saying "Do you want to go to this Starbucks or that Starbucks?"

Also on the wharf we saw a 55 year old lady on a little razor scooter, usually only 12 year olds ride those in C-U.

The local street muscicians really step it up a notch. Not just your average sax or guitar players. The best so far has been a 4-man band that included an alpine horn (think Riccola!).

This is our last day in the city so, we toured AT&T (phone company of the week) Park this morning, and are now headed out for some shopping, and a bit more sight seeing. Most likely the next post will be from back in Illinois.

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