Monday, June 18, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

So Sunday was our last baseball game here in the Bay Area. It was A's necktie day at the park, in honor of Fathers Day, so we are now the proud owner of A's neckties. They are actually quite attractive, I may wear mine as a belt. Speaking of Fathers Day... Nik and I want to give a shout out to George and Jerry.... Happy Fathers Day. Granted it is unlikely that my Dad is reading this, as it requires a computer, but Jerry probably is.

The game wasn't quite as eventful as the night before, as the fans we sat next to were pretty quiet, with the exception of an STL fan (although he wasn't wearing any Cards gear) that sat next to Nikki. I am not sure why but this guy has some serious issues with the Cards' right fielder, Juan Encarnacion. He just dogged him the entire game. I realize that Juan will not ever be a super star like Albert, Rolen, Jimmy or Carp, and he isn't one of those scrappy, little guys like Eck or Miles, but the guy is decent, he gets the job done, give him a break. Seriously, Juan must have killed this guys puppy or something.

The Cards won the game 10-6, and this was the first time the A's have given up double digit runs in back to back games since September 2004. The A's fans don't appear to be the most loyal of baseball fans... many of them left in the sixth inning when it was still a close game.

We have managed to see a lot of firsts during our three games. Spiezio's first time pitching, Chris Duncan's first ML grand slam, and Brendan Ryan's first ML hit. FYI Brendan Ryan is one of my favs because he was at the Cards Caravan in Decatur in January when I got to go up and sit on the panel because I was wearing a Flores #34 shirt. Then when we went through his autograph line two days later at Winter Warm Up he was like "Hey, I remember you from Decatur!". We also saw him at Spring Training a couple of years ago, and he just seems to be a nice guy. So it is good to see nice guys not finishing last.

I got to see Flo close up today, as the pitchers were throwing out in right field. Of course the one day I don't wear my Flores #34 shirt I am close enough for Flo to have seen it. I did give him a shout out as he was leaving the field and I got a nice little wave back. He had no clue I was his "date" from Decatur, because for one I wasn't wearing his shirt, and two I had on a ball cap so I looked incognito. Also another fun little show while the pitchers were tossing was Adam Wainwright, Kip Wells and Todd Wellemeyer playing a mean little game of hacky sack... they were pretty good.

So all in all our trips the Colesium were good, we went 2-1. The ballpark itself is nothing special, but I enjoy watching the Cards just about anywhere.

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