Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Heart Brendan Ryan

So even though Izzy blew the save, one of my favs, rookie infielder Brendan Ryan hit his first ML home run tonight to win the game for the Cards in extra innings. We saw B-Ry hit his first ML home run in Oakland just 10 days ago. He is just such a nice guy, and he was SOOOOO excited tonight, he said he just about passed out running around the bases. In the post game interview he said that yesterday he did make a rookie mistake, his cabbie took him to Yankee Stadium instead of Shea Stadium... ooops! Brendan Ryan you are just too cute... I heart you! I find it a bit ironic that I am wearing my EcksOs (David Eckstein's cereal) t-shirt in this photo with B-Ry, and the reason he is currently up with the big league club is because Eck is on the DL.

Also, kudos to my boy Flo... after struggling in some recent outings, he picked up the save today. Way to go Flo Flo.

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