Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Home At Last

Okay so the best decision I made was to take today off of work. Our flight was about an hour late leaving San Fran, so it was about 10 p.m. before we made it home from Indy. So today I am just chilling, doing some laundry, getting groceries etc. When I do go back to work, just two days before the weekend. I am a bit tuckered... we did a lot in San Fran, and it was a lot of fun.

So our last day in San Fran, we skipped renting a car and heading to Napa. There were a few things we wanted to do in the city, and Napa/Sonoma probably deserves more time than just a day. First we headed to AT&T Park to take a tour. We just missed the 10:30 tour, and thought we would be stuck waiting until the next tour at 12:30, but they had added an 11:30 tour since they won't be doing tours next week with the All-Star game in town. It was meant to be, we had time to go across the street and get breakfast at Happy Donuts, and the 11:30 tour only had about 10 people on it, and Linda our tour guide was awesome. She was originally from Brooklyn, and this lady knows her baseball. It was the best stadium tour I have ever been on, and the first tour ever lead by a woman... hmmm? FYI, in the picture above we are standing on the on deck circle for the visiting teams, right where Jimmy, Albert and the boys stood a couple of months ago.
After the tour we did a little shopping, actually taking time to go in and check out the many stores we had walked past many times during the week. I scored a $9 shirt at Banana Republic. We also went and checked out China town. It was just 2 blocks from our hotel, but this was the first time we had an opportunity to see it. We went and had a great dinner at The Daily Grill, the steaks were fabulous, and Nikki is still talking about the perfection that was her baked potato, evidently the best part was the endless supply of chive "sprinklets".
So that pretty much wraps up our trip. I will try to keep blogging, but it seems unlikely I will have quite as much to blog about now that I am back home.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home. Sounds like a fun trip. It was very nice of them to let you out of Alcatraz.