Sunday, June 17, 2007

In The Land of Nuts & Berries

Did a little sight seeing today (Saturday), and boy did we see some very interesting things. A couple of our favorites are as follows: When walking towards the wharf I saw a man pushing a stroller and hesitated to let him go in front of me... a dad out with his little one, I will be curteous and let him pass through, right? Well good thing I did, if I hadn't let him go in front of me I would not have noticed that he had a small dog in the stroller, not a child. We also saw two old ladies, at least 75, possibly twins, wearing matching red cowboy hats with rhinestone hat bands, red skirts, cowboy boots and knee length leapoard print fur coats.

Walking a long the wharf we saw a young woman not wearing pants... thankfully her flannel shirt was a bit long, but not "this passes for a dress long". Oh, and the featured statue at the entrance to the wax museum was Paris Hilton in her orange jail jumpsuit. Also when walking along the wharf there was a random homeless man, hiding behind a bush facade that he had constructed that jumped out and scared the crap out of people, including me. Another homeless man hit us up for change on the way back to our hotel this evening, but at least he was original... he said "Spare some change? I will be honest, I am trying to get a beer."

Just saw another "crazy" thing on ESPN watching the Cubs vs. Padres brawl, especially Carlos Zambrana ready to "give someone the belt"... what is that about? There were a few other interesting folks we saw at the game, but I will save that for a separate game post.

We also took in some of the more mainstream SF sights as well. We took the cable car down to the wharf, and then a bus over to Golden Gate Bridge. We walked about half way over the bridge and then walked back. Took the bus back the wharf (it was crazy crowded and touristy) and sat and watched the sea lions for a bit before we took the bus back to our hotel. Cable car and multiple buses... so getting our money's worth out of our Muni pass today.

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