Monday, June 11, 2007


So some of my favorite ladies have had shared with me some major milestones in their lives recently. They are all very different, and are definitely spread out on the spectrum of life, but they are each significant in their own respect

  • Talked to my Mom today, and she said she was going to inquire about hearing aids. Amen Sister! I like to think of this as something positive, first of all her hearing test revealed that her hearing loss is of a type that can be helped with hearing aids, second hopefully I won't have to use my "angry voice" to talk to my Mom any more... even when you are not angry, if you use the "angry voice" long enough you start to get angry, and really is that anyway to talk to you mother?

  • My buddy Sarah J reached a milestone of another sort. Her offer to buy a house was accepted, so when she returns to Vicksburg, MS at the end of the summer (she returned to UIUC for the year to start here PhD studies in Civil Engineering) she and her dog Daisy Mae will have a cute little house to live in. I have seen a picture of Sarah J's house on the internet... it is very cute and absolutely perfect for her. I can't wait to visit her in Vicksburg now.

  • The final milestone... I saved the best for last... my Goddaughter, Abigail now wears "Big Girl Panties" all the time now. Abby will be 3 in less than a month, and let's just say that this a very big deal for her, and the rest of the Thomas household. Rock on girlfriend!

So congratulations ladies, you all have a lot to celebrate.

Kudos: Today's kudos go to the poor poor man who gave me a pedicure at UI Nails this evening. This was the first pedi post-cast, and I know it could not have been pretty, but God bless this man not only did he do it, he did it well, and with a smile on his face. Needless to say he was tipped handsomely for his efforts. A secondary kudos to OPI and the great names they give their nail polish colors... in a case you were wondering... tonight's color was "Hoodoo Voodoo".


Anonymous said...

Yo Jano,

Big Daddy Pride here. Yep Yep I be living in San Fran baby! Come see me. I live under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Your Pride

Ashley said...

....So I just got a pedi the other day as vault practice...yeah...gross feet...but anyways nail color of the rock-apulco red!

See ya soon!
Ashley T

Anonymous said...

my latest OPI nail choice--Koala Berry. Love it!