Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blessed Union of Food

So far this has been a pretty good weekend. Friday evening I went to the Taste of Champaign with my pal Sarah J and her buddy from school, Matt. It was a lovely evening, nice and pleasant before the rain came, and Sarah and Matt were excellent tasting companions... good sharers the both of them. I enjoyed tastes of gyros, ribs, General Tso's chicken, lemon shake up, apple donut and chocolate dipped turtle cheesecake. Yummy! I was approached by a young man, named "Crooked" and asked to purchase the CD he is releasing which he said included "clean rap, with some of the proceeds benefiting the children in various African nations who are forced to fight as soldiers. I politely declined, a worthy cause but I am not into rap clean or unclean, but I very much enjoyed being approached, and the the young man's name was "Crooked" for some reason it just made me smile... he appeared to be anything but.

Today I went to Anne and Matt's wedding. Anne and Matt go to my church, and are in my small group. It was a beautiful service, the first wedding I have seen my pastor officiate... he does nice work by the way, and well Anne and Matt are just a great couple... they work well together. It was great to see some former small groupies that have moved away, just a good day all around.

One rather odd/random wedding siting. I was keeping my friend Allison company while her fiance stopped to use the men's room on our way out. As Abe entered the men's room, two other guys came out carrying a Weber grill. Why did they have a grill in the men's room of church? I am trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for this, and am at a loss. Any ideas?

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