Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Birds of a Feather

So I have a cardinal that lives in the tree in my backyard. When I say cardinal, I mean the actual bird, not a professional baseball player (although how cool would it be to have Jimmy, Eck, Flo, Yadi or Carp living in my backyard... I would have lots to blog about then). Anyway, back to the cardinal, he usually shows up in the morning and evening and I can see him out my kitchen window. I don't know why, but I just get really happy when I see him. Maybe it is because I am a fan of the cardinal baseball team, but really I just think he looks wicked cool, and I enjoy that he picked my backyard to live in. Have you ever really seen a cardinal? They are beautiful, the red feathers really rock. Not to be down on all the sparrows and robins out there, but y'all don't stand a chance next to the cardinal. Also, unlike most bluejays which are mean and nasty, the cardinal seems to have a very pleasant disposition. Typically I am a fan of nice people, so I think I am a fan of nice birds as well. I think I should name him, any ideas? Right now I am leaning towards calling him "Rod", get it? "Rod Cardinal"-Legendary Illini basketball and WWE trainer... I crack myself up. Please share any cardinal name ideas in the comments section.

Kudos: They go to Dick, who works at my bank. I had to skip lunch yesterday (long story) so I was forced to find "nourishment" from the vending maching in our break room. My M&M's got stuck, Dick helped me jiggle the machine and bring those sweet candy-coated chocolates home safely. Kudos Dick!

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Nikki said...

If Scotty, Muldoo or Adam lived in your backyard I would totally be moving into your spare room. Bird watching would become my new favorite pasttime. That would be awesome!