Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Might Be Giants

So this has been a crazy albeit enjoyable first day of our vacation. #1 We left Champaign-Urbana to head to Indy just before 2:30 a.m. We have had 1-3 hours of sleep in the past 36 hours. I apologize now for typos, there will be many. Also Nikki and I will be taking turns writing so the grammar/we/me/her/1st person/3rd person will be jacked… get over it we are tired. #2 when stowing my suitcase on the shuttle from the parking lot to the terminal I left my suitcase on its wheels… it nearly flew out the door when we took a turn. Luckily a fellow passenger caught it. #3 Things you can buy at the Indy airport a) star bucks b) an ipod from a vending machine, and c) a quite tasty breakfast for a reasonable price a the Budweiser Brewhouse in terminal A #4 We totally bonded with our waitress, Emily, at said Budweiser Brewhouse, over her new purse she was showing to her co-workers, we were much more interested than they were #5 shortly after breakfast in the ladies restroom we overheard a mom saying “Timmy, don’t drop your ipod in the toilet.”… so very tempted to say from the next stall… “But if you do Timmy you can just go buy a new one from the vending machine down the hall.” #6 do the ipods come preloaded with music already downloaded, why would you buy one at the airport, especially one with no music, that makes for a boring flight? #7 it is kind of toasty here in San Fran, probably hit 80 today, the normal high is about 65 tops, the folks in SF aren’t prepared for this and are overwhelmed by the heat, we find it quite pleasant, no humidity and nice breeze off the bay #8 got to our hotel about 10:30 a.m. local time, 12:30 p.m. for you at home, made a quick change, bought our muni passports and headed to Phone Company of the Week Park (currently AT&T Park) for the Giants vs. BlueJays game. #9 A special thank you to Mr. Nathan J. Holman for graciously providing us with the tix, he is the bomb diggity. #10 Our thoughts on the park, very nice, the upper deck concourse very similar to Busch Stadium, the field level concourse similar to PNC or Miller Park, McCovey Cove is very cool and kind of sad we didn’t see a splash hit today (were actually cheering for Bonds to go yard and hit one in the cove--we had made our way down to landing in right field and were just waiting for him to hit one over our head--he struck out instead--typical). #11 Nikki bonded with some Giants fans over their mutual hatred of Royce Clayton (he would have to play for Toronto wouldn’t he--backstory for those not in the know is that basically Royce Clayton is the reason Ozzie Smith retired and since Nikki worships the Wizard, then Royce is obviously fulfilling the role of the Wicked Witch of the West in this telling of the story). #12 ATT had a Jr. Announcer today (they really need to do this at Busch)… she totally rocked Tim Lincecum, but Schierholtz was a little more challenging for the young gal. #13 the view of the bay from our seats was awesome, but it is little steep up in view reserve section, glad we chose to eat out in the concourse, also from there behind the CF wall a little boring/junky looking you can see batting practice equipment, they need to landscape or something #14 We did see something very unique at the game, 3 Giants got their very 1st major league hits today, pitchers Lincecum and Sanchez, and the catcher Rodriguez #15 Had to try the Gilroy’s garlic fries at the park today, very good but still burping garlic many hours later, very glad I didn’t finish them all. #16 before the game the vendors that sell in the stands were in the concourse doing calisthenics to warm-up, not unlike Orange Krush at Illini basketball games, kind of cool #17 As for former Cardinals that are now Giants, Matt Morris (MattyMo) kept very well hidden from Nik, even though she rocked her Matty Mo #35 Cards t-shirt, he probably just couldn‘t bear the thought of seeing her and not being able to go home with her, Steve Kline pitched in the 9th inning, below is a picture from the score board (random Kliner story, he almost peed on our friend John Todd in the bathroom in a bar in “The Lou“ one night… not on purpose, he had waited until the last minute to hit the bathroom “ready to go“ so to speak and nearly nailed John, luckily John was quick on his feet) #18 Since the game there have been several noteworthy events…1-we totally spotted a random San Fran native wearing a Brandon Lloyd 49ers jersey (Go Illini! We know he doesn’t play for San Fran anymore but apparently he made an impact.) 2-Nikki nearly passed out on the overly crowded overly stuffy subway ride back to the hotel from the stadium. Luckily Jano came thru with an Albert Pujols “Jesus Christ is my MVP” testimony card that quickly became a fan so that Jane would not have to ask the gentleman in the aisle to catch her friend as she fell on the floor. The young boy in front of Nikki was too busy sayin, g “Ooh…Albert Pujols!” 3- Nikki almost stepped on a pigeon, and 4- Currently there is a band rocking Happy Hour not far from our hotel room window across the street in Union Square… to which Nikki quoted our favorite line from “Pretty Woman”… “Look, there’s a band!”

That is pretty much Day 1, hope to get some sleep and have more adventures tomorrow.
Currently blogging from the infamous Citizen Cupcake, our table dancer's name is Rodrigo... just kidding it is a bakery/cafe. The cupcakes are "wrapper lickin' good", will be trying a new one every day. Currently devouring German Chocolate for Jano and Vanilla for Nik (vanilla, go figure :))

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Anonymous said... you almost had me with the table dancer Rodrigo!!! Just a hey to Nik...and now I know why you didn't answer my emails today...have fun!!

Cousin Steph!