Monday, January 19, 2009

Movin' on Up...

So I didn't move on up to the east side, so a deluxe apartment in the sky... but I did move to Geneseo over the weekend.

This was the timetable... it was kind of crazy it all worked out.

Packed up my desk at University Avenue and headed home at noon on Thursday. Met the home inspector at 12:30 to have pre-listing inspection done on my house. Good news... nothing major. Later Thursday afternoon I went over Busey's tech group and picked up my computer and other various equipment for working from home. Thursday night I packed.

Friday morning I went to Urbana, dropped off my DVR at Comcast and went to Busey to close out my safe deposit box and tell Judy (my Bank Mom for lack of a better term) farewell. Stopped by Uhaul on the way home, and met Jeanne & Ted there so we could pick up my moving truck. Went home and had the new stove I bought for the Champaign house (the old brown one was not going to show well) delivered. The could not install it because my gas hook-up is so old it it out of code so I need to have a plumber come and install a new gas line... just what I needed. Eric and his Dad came down Friday evening, and then we went to dinner with Nikki.

Saturday I got up bright and early started the coffee and made a donut run, and did some final packing. The entire loading crew was there and pretty much ready to roll by 9:00. The were incredible and pretty much had me all packed up by noon. Jeanne was on the truck and used her mad packing skills to place everything, while her husband, Ted, my brother, Phil, and my former Illini football mentee Jake and Eric did the big lifting and hauling. Nikki, Eric's Dad, Mike and myself helped with box toting. Jake even ventured up to my attic to get my Christmas decorations down. My mom showed up later with sloppy joes for everyone to have for lunch, and to help me clean the house. We hit the road just after 2:30. Mike driving the Uhaul, Eric driving Mike's truck and me in my car. The trip went well except for some wicked winds along I-39 that had me trying to push back visions of everything I own scattered along the highway.

We got to Geneseo in under four hours... not bad for a Uhaul that didn't past 60 mph much. We unloaded the pick-up and my car, grabbed a bit to eat and then crashed hard at Eric's apartment. My brother and my nephew Jeremy came up Sunday to help unload, along with Eric's Mom, Dad and brother, Travis and my family friends that just so happen to live here... the Roome's. Dave was still in Denver, but Janice, Anthony and Megan were here. Like Jake loading... Anthony was my unloading "young muscle". The guys brought the boxes to the front door and the girls toted them from there... keeping the snow tracked into the house to a minimum. The unloading took less than and hour, then the guys went to Eric's to get his desk for my/our office and his washer and dryer. During the unloading Tom from next door brought over some brownies that his wife, Cheryl had made. They have lived next door for 34 years. Earlier in the week, Wayne who lives on the corner removed the snow from our driveway... twice. So... the neighbors seem great.

Unpacking today is going slow but steady. Our refrigerator and stove were delivered today, along with a new couch that we got on mega sale the day after Thanksgiving. Luckily the sellers left the house in very good shape so the cleaning has been minimal.

Eric got my computer set up and most of the programs I need are working... hopefully the rest can be resolved when I go back to work on Wednesday with a call to our tech group.

Oh, and today we had our first sledder! Eric's Dad, Mike, brought his niece, Katie over since she was out of school today for the MLK holiday. After her first run she hollered from the bottom of the hill... "That was awesome!" She trudged up the hill and did it again another 20 times or so before it was all over.
Anyway, that is all for now. A big huge thank you to all of my friends and family who made the move a big success... especially Eric, who kept me sane throught it all.

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Karen Christner said...

So sad that I can just drop in to see you when I'm in C-U. So many memories in that sweet little house...except that one glaring thing about my car...I miss that car...