Monday, April 28, 2008

That's Entertainment

I went to see Eric in the QC this past weekend. His family came over on Saturday evening, so we did our first entertaining together. It was lots of fun... we work well together. On Saturday we cleaned up his apartment together. I was actually kind of fun, and we developed a good system. I did the dusting... Eric has allergies, he did the bathroom and we worked on the kitchen together. It didn't take long at all working together. Eric picked up Frank's pizza for dinner, a Noyd family favorite, his Mom brought a salad, Travis and Steph brought beer and bread, and I contributed cheese cake for dessert. It was all quite yummy.

We put in a Muppet Show DVD for Alec and Katie to enjoy, and introduced them to the wonderful world of muppets. Actually I think the adults enjoyed it even more than the kids. I haven't watched The Muppet Show in forever... it really is hysterical... so much of the humor was completely lost on me when I was 10... even funnier at age 37. My favorite is the Swedish Chef... I am still humming the theme song.

After the muppets we played Tripoly... I beat Travis in cards again. He officially hates me now! :) That is okay, one of the beers he brought was Lienenkugel's Big Butt, a doppel bock. Eric said I would like it (I like dark beer) so when Travis showed it to me and said he bought this beer especially for me I totally got him by saying "What! You think I have a big butt, huh?" I love messing with him... it is so much fun... I guess that is what is like to have a little brother. It makes sense... it is kind of the same teasing I do with my little sister, Nathan.

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