Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Twice As Nice! A Birthday Blog

Well there hasn't been a birthday blog in quite some time, but today we have a double bonus... twins! Happy Birthday Lindsey and Meredith Flessner. Their birthday is May 1st, May Day, so happy May Day to the rest of you.

Linds used to be one of my co-workers at Busey. She just recently finished up her degree in fashion merchandising, and moved back home from Chicago (where she attended school) to start the job hunt for job in fashion. Mer is a speech and language pathologist and is getting married in July to Chad... fondly referred to as Chadster.

I adore the Flessners... and just can't say enough wonderful things about them. First of all they just always look good... they are quite the fashion mavens. Whenever they compliment me on my outfit, shoes or hair, I feel extra pretty. It is because of them I have actually worn a skirt to a ball game!

Beyond the fashion though are some amazing friends. They are just so funny, thoughtful and entertaining. There is always a great story for them to tell... nothing is simple. They are also quite passionate, especially about the people and food they love. They can't get enough of the granitas from Kitchens at the mall. I will admit... they are quite tasty. They also love pecans. I told Linds she need to marry a pecan farmer.

My favorite Linds story is when Nik, Karen and I were trying to teach her to say "Move b****, get out the way!" Linds... well she isn't all that "street"... plus it just isn't in her nature to be unkind. My favorite Mer story is when she spoke to me at a basketball game not too long after I had met her for the first time. We had been talking for nearly a minute before I realized that it was Mer and not Linds.

Oh, and they are farm girls... they know how to drive a tractor. Gotta love that!

Anyway, Happy Birthday girls! The granitas and pecans are on me today.!

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