Monday, October 6, 2008

I am just not that big of a person...

So the Cubs went down in flames in the playoffs. I wish I could say I was a better person, and that I didn't take at least a tiny bit of delight at their demise... but I did. There are delightful Cubs fans out there, my pastor, Andy, Greg from my office, Allison's husband, Abe, and the other Allison and her husband Bill. For Cubs fans like you I kind of feel a little bad the Cubbies didn't come through for you. But... then there are those less than delightful Cub fans... you know who you are... that it is kind of fun to watch suffer. I am not proud of that... wishing suffering on folks, but there it is. As to the reason for the Cubs demise, I can only go with my original theory, Jim Edmonds signed with the Cubs in order to bring them down from the inside.

At least Cub and Cards fans alike can sing in harmony this year.... "Well there is always next year!"

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White Mocha said...

If I were running the Cubs, I would have benched the entire starting line-up after game one. Actually, I would have fired them entirely, told them to leave the clubhouse and not return. They are professional athletes, but by the 6th inning of game one(they were losing and not playing well) the entire ball club was hanging their heads. Right then I told Jenn "They are not going to win a single game--look at them. They are already beaten." Professional athletes don't act that way. The "curse" is more of a cry-baby excuse than anything else, but those clowns seem to believe it, or at least expect the other teams to just roll over and let them win, because after all, they are the "poor Cubbies." It makes me proud to say I am a Sox fan--at least they won a game. But even though they were eliminated in the first round just as the sCrubs were, they were at least playing and acting like a pro ball club. Perhaps the Cubs (baby bears?) could learn something from an actual Bear, Brian Urlacher (#54). After beating the Colts and Payton Manning the first game of the NFL season, he was being interviewed by some lady reporter on the field. Apparently not a world class athlete herself, she stated "You must be happy about upsetting the Colts...blah, blah, blah" to which #54 responded as all professional athletes should "It wasn't an upset to me. I expected to win." Did you hear that, Cubs?