Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The "football place", Tjardes Executive Business Center and other odds and ends

So I don't know if I mentioned it but my friends Jeanne and Ted recently moved to St. Joseph from Florida. Typical... they are now 15 minutes away from me vs. a plane ride... and I am moving in a couple months. Anywho, Ted is working from home for his former professor as an independent contractor and they haven't been able to hook up the cable Internet at their house because they want to put it in the business name and they are still in the process of setting up said business. So, Ted has been working from my house several days, using my Internet connection. It has been good times to hang with Jeanne and Ted on a more regular basis, and they jokingly started calling my house Tjardes Internet Cafe. The later dubbed it Tjardes Executive Business Center because it wasn't too crowed or bustling and I was not offering scones. One of these days I am going to make some scones and leave them in the "office" for Ted. Ted (and Jeanne) sent me flowers at work yesterday to thank me... it has be great fun telling everyone who asks about the flowers "My friend's husband sent them to me!" and then offering no further explanation.

Last night I went with Nikki to Memorial Stadium. She started working there this season in the Colonnades Club, and they had a friends and family night so we could check out the new stadium renovations. The stadium is pretty sweet looking, but the highlight of the night was definitely Jeremiah (2) going through his routine of what he says and does all the time when he comes to "the football place" as he calls it. I attempted to capture in on video with my digital camera... not sure how well the sound picked up but he is saying "Go Illini" and "Touchdown!". Sorry it is sideways, I couldn't find the rotate. He is too cute.

In other random news I am Aunt Jane again... on at least a temporary basis. Travis and Steff (Eric's brother and sister-in-law) are fostering a newborn little girl, and she is super cute. Not that Katie and Alec aren't super cute, but I can't hold them in my arm like a football. She will nearly a month old when we get together for Thanksgiving. Hopefully she will be a permanent addition to the family, but please pray for her happy and safe upbringing wherever it is.

Oh, so under the category of ironic... let me tell you about the bridesmaid dresses for the wedding. Eric and I told Jenn and Nikki, "Please pick out whatever dress you want at David's Bridal... any style you choose as long as it is the color "pool" and knee length go for it. So from three states away, with probably hundreds of dresses to choose from, and somewhat diverging taste they each picked the same dress. I think that is hysterical, especially when Jenn called from the store asking for a description of the dress Nikki was getting and then asked "Is it okay if they do match?". I thought is was so funny it worked out that way. The dress they picked is very nice and universally flattering, and I know every bride says this but in this case it might actually be true "You could totally wear it again sometime" :)

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Matt Todd said...

Jane this is Matt Todd (John's brother). That is a very cute video of my nephew and only my dork of a brother would teach Jeremiah how to cheer for the Illini at such a young age......i am so proud!!