Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blame It on the Cub Fan!

Sunday was my last trip to Busch Stadium this season. The Cards took it on the chin again. To make matters worse they were playing the Cubs. I don't like to lose... I really don't like to lose to the Cubs. Nikki and I were joined by our pal Karen, and Nik's co-worker, Angie. Angie is a lovely gal, but a Cub fan...Boo!

The game was kind of uneventful, Brendan Ryan (I heart him) was playing, but he was not rocking the socks. Evidently he varies from socks to long pants depending upon his hitting. If he hits well he continues with whatever look, if he hits bad the next game he changes, until he gets into a hitting grove, then he keeps whatever look until he goes hitless again.

The highlight of the day was Nik nearly throwing down with a guy in an SUV trying to cut into the exit line in the parking garage. Sorry buddy we drove around like everyone else, your time is no more valuable than ours, wait your turn. He flipped Nik off, she never let him in line, horns were honking and and Nik actually yelled out the window "Get in line and wait your turn like everyone else Jackass!" You just don't see that every day... it was beautiful.

Nik evidently got her own bit of "traffic karma" as there was evidently an accident on the interstate slowing traffic to a crawl... it took us just under TWO HOURS to get 11 miles from the river to the Collinsville exit! By the time we passed the accident it was largely cleared, but we are fairly certain said accident was caused by a Cub fan!

Normally I would be a bit sad about my last baseball game of the season but the Cards are fading fast and are just banged up and kind of tired... so it is probably time for the season to end. Thankfully Illini football is looking up so that should keep me occupied for awhile.

I hope everyone had been enjoying this fabulous weather.

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Abe and Allison said...

Yeah, I'm ready for the season to end. Everyone's's just sad.

I can't believe about your traffic experiences!