Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kudos: The Random Sports Edition

So here are some random sports kudos.

#1 I heart J Leman! J is a linebacker on the Illini football team. He is just phenomenal! Besides being a kick-butt defensive player... 20 tackles in the Mizzou game with 10 solo tackles... J is just a kick-butt person too. He is a great student (currently working on his masters degree, as he completed his undergrad in just 3 years while playing football at the same time), a supportive teammate, a devoted Christan, and just an all around good guy and cutie pie. J is a from Champaign, so it is nice to see a local boy do good. We sat next to his neighbor at the game Saturday, she said J used to mow their lawn because their family had a lawn mowing business when he was growing up. When Nikki mentioned that she thought J was just a great role model, the neighbor lady concurred. I like that. My only personal interaction with J was last year after an Illini basketball game. His companion had lost her keys, so I showed them to our office after the game so they could check to see if they had been turned into lost and found, and leave a number where they could be reached if they were found later. It was an encounter that lasted maybe two minutes, and I think I was probably skipping when I left. He is just so nice and charming, thanking me for the help, and trying to make his companion feel better about losing her keys, he just makes the world a better place... for that I say "Kudos J!"

#2 You know what else makes the world a better place? When the Michigan Wolverine football team gets beat 32-34 by Appalachian State in Ann Arbor. I know I should be about Big 10 solidarity when we all play non-conference games, but screw that. Michigan got beat at home, by no names. Kudos Mountaineers!!

#3 Kudos Clay Buchholz! Clay pitched a no-hitter for the Red Sox on Saturday night. I love the game of baseball enough that I can truly appreciate the beauty of a no-hitter no matter who does it. Yes, I hate to admit it but I would probably even tip my hat to a Cub if he threw a no-hitter. I am not really a Red Sox fan, but 2004 World Series aside, they are starting to grow on me a bit thanks to my squeeze Richard who had been a Red Sox fan since his youth in Massachusetts. Anywho, back to Clay Buchholz... not only did he throw a no-hitter, but he did in in only his second major league start. He is the first rookie ever in MLB history to do it. All this and he is cute too. Kudos Clay!


Sarah said...

God Bless Appalacian Sate -how a mountain range can be the state name i will never know...

Anonymous said...

Actually, App. St. won the Div. I-AA football championship last year. But overall, very cool for them to lose. I'm thinking ASU shirts when Michigan comes to town :).