Sunday, September 23, 2007

Six Degrees of Kendra & Wyatt

Yesterday I went to Kendra and Wyatt's wedding. Kendra is one of my co-workers at Busey, a fellow credit analyst, and a really good friend. She is the one who graciously drove me to and from work everyday for six weeks this spring when I had a cast on my right foot and had crutches... Kudos Kendra... it is about five months late but Kudos.

Richard was busy yesterday so Nikki went with me to the wedding. She has met Kendra a time or two, and is always willing to hit the dance floor with me. Nikki was only supposed to know one person at the wedding, Kendra, the bride. Turns out she knew more people than me. It was pretty much a college reunion for her and her Kineisiology classmates. Tim ended up marred to one of Kendra's former co-workers, and Andrea has been good friends with the groom, Wyatt, for a number of years. Speaking of Wyatt, I don't know him all that well but he is a pretty good guy. First, he managed to sweep the lovely Kendra off her feet, and second, he is a Cardinal fan... so much so that the groom's cake was totally sporting a "Birds on the Bat" theme.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was outdoors in the sunken garden at Allerton Park. The weather was perfect, and it was perhaps the loveliest wedding I can recall... with the exception of some rather hungry insects... Nikki said she was very much regretting the fruity smelling body lotion and the perfume.

In another instance of weird and random connections at the wedding. I had the opportunity to meet my co-worker, Allison's boyfriend, Paul for the first time. Well at least I thought it was for the first time. Turns out Paul grew up and went to school in Gibson City, went to my church and my Mom taught him in Sunday School, and yeah I have pretty much known him his entire life. How his being a native of my very own Gibson City never came up with Allison I will never know. It was just so weird.
All in all a lovely time. When I head off to work tomorrow morning, Kendra and Wyatt will be headed for Aruba... Lucky Ducks. Congratulations Kendra and Wyatt!


nathan said...

It's been a while since I've read your blog, so it took a good amount of time to read the dozen of so posts that I miss. Let's just say I'm a little bored here at work. I'm glad I'm not the only one missing out on Illini football. It figures that once I leave the country the Cubs and the Illini actually start playing good ball. Just want to let you know that the Cubs magic number is down to 4! Hope all is well in Chambana and tell everyone at the Hall I said hi.

Abe and Allison said...

I went to Jon and Celina's wedding at the Sunken Garden a few years ago. It was beautiful!