Monday, September 3, 2007

My Latest Guilty Pleasure

In the spirit of Labor Day I have been doing anything but "laboring", and managed to plop down in front of the TV earlier today and get completely sucked into a mini-marathon of "Sunset Tan" on E!. This show is completely lame and ridiculous, but I still managed to watch at least 4 episodes. It is yet another reality TV show set in SoCal, this time revolving around two owners of group of tanning salons (Jeff and Devon) known as Sunset Tan (hence the name of the show) and their crazy lot of salon employees, most of whom are women. For some reason, one of the owners, Devon, hardly ever talks or gets any camera time... he seems to be the reasonable, thoughtful, logical, money man (ie in reality TV "boring" one) hence his lack of face time. A number of the women working for them are catty, back stabbing types. And the drama it pretty entertaining. Nick is the one guy who works for them as a manager, and he had the brilliant idea of having his girlfriend, Onya, work for the company... yeah like that will help the relationship. In one episode Onya gets into a throw down with a couple of the other girls and Nick tries to stay out of it which is good for Nick the Employee/Co-worker, meanwhile Nick the Boyfriend is so screwed for not standing up for his woman. My absolute favorites are "The Olly Girls" Holly and Molly (pictured above), two ditzy blondes that are pretty much joined at the hip, and dumber than a box of rocks, but completely hysterical at the same time. They decided to practice their mystic tanning spraying techniques on each other, all goes well until they are walking out of the salon later and one of them realizes she completely forgot to spray the other ones back side of her body... not sure how you could forget to spray/be sprayed on both sides but the Olly Girls are the sharpest tools in the shed. They are basically too dumb to work in the salon so the owners decide they are better suited for marketing... ie they are way too hott to fire. They hit the streets passing out flyers/coupons. They stumble on to a bingo parlor that appears to be operated/frequented by transvestites and they are too clueless to realize the ladies are actually dudes or maybe they don't care. Anyway, they are a big hit with the drag queens who evidently are always looking for a good tan so they stumble into bringing in a crazy big amount of business for the salons. Nick's reaction to a transvestite coming into the salon to tan is priceless. Like I said this show is completely inane and I am ashamed to admit it, but I so enjoy it. Happy Labor Day!

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Sarah said...

ok, first time i read olly girls - i actually read oily girls. how silly of me!