Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Was Born In A Small Town

On Thursday after work I went to my "hometown", Gibson City, for a visitation, but coincidentally it was also the evening of the high school homecoming parade. I watched the parade with my Mom and Dad, and I got to see my nephew, Jeremy, playing in the Middle School Band, and my niece, Taylor, ride by in a convertible as a Junior Class Attendant. Even though I haven't been a permanent resident of GC for nearly 20 years, I still knew a lot of people in the parade and those watching. Taylor threw me candy... her friend, Sarah, was in the parade with the tennis team and spotted my Dad along the route and threw a boatload of candy his way with a hearty "Hey George!"

When I left town after the visitation and dinner, all of the trees along downtown were toilet papered big time. It was actually kind of pretty. I have no desire to return to Gibson City to live, but being at that parade made me very appreciative of the fact that I was raised there. In recent months a couple of situations have been brought to my attention where I have realized that my childhood and life in general have been ridiculously idyllic and well, I am incredibly blessed. So I am just very thankful for my small town.

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