Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bruce Weber: Scoops or Restaurant Style

Okay so about 45 minutes ago I was doing a little shopping at County Market. I am not overly alert at the grocery store at 9:30 at night but I did very much notice that two of the four other shoppers in the store were Illini men's basketball coach, Bruce Weber and his wife, Megan. Somehow seeing Bruce and his wife out shopping for groceries made my day. After I noticed them I went about my shopping, but later noticed Bruce squatting to check out the various kinds of Tostitos on the lower shelves... do you think Bruce is a Scoops or Restaurant Style kind of guy. I didn't see his ultimate selection, I didn't want to stare... but I am going with Scoops... they are quite a practical tortilla chip and Bruce strikes me as a practical guy.

Okay, so that was supposed to be the end of my quick little post but when you type in Bruce Weber on google images (I was needing a pic for this post) you get some very interesting pics. Evidently there is a relatively famous photographer named Bruce Weber and much of his work is borderline erotic.... "very sexy" at the least. That just made me laugh more than the image of Bruce debating tortilla chips. I won't post any of the pictures here... this is a family sight, but go to Google images, type in "Bruce Weber" and see if you don't go "Whoa!"


Sarah said...

i'm not going to do that on a governemnt computer - i don't need to become a part of that statistic. be careful, or the basketball team might start stalking you. they are looking for someone to fill my place.

Abe and Allison said...

I have to admit that I had to determine how to correctly spell the UI coach's name for something through my former job. So I Googled him. Bad idea...I quickly exited out and then busted out laughing!


Nikki said...

Ok, you know there is some kid out there who wanted to do a report on the great Illini coach Bruce Weber and came up with that. Glad those kids are not my children. Can you imagine..."Mom, why is Bruce Weber naked?"