Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rollin' with my Homey

On Friday we hooked up with the Murbargers again, enjoyed the very tasty, free hot breakfast at the Drury Plaza and then headed back to the ballpark for a tour. My Dad actually agreed to use a wheelchair because his back has been bothering him and he just can't walk or stand for any great length of time. I was his driver, and I must admit I think I did a pretty good job. Kudos to Judy and Bill for letting us borrow the wheelchair. As soon as Dad sat down in the chair he actually said, "Oh my, I think I could get used to this!". We ditch the wheelchair to walk out on the field and check out the dugout, but he pretty much rode for the rest of the tour.

The tour was great. Nikki and I have toured our fair share of ballparks and a good tour always the product of a good/well informed guide and a fun and knowledgeable group. Jay, was our guide and he was great... not quite as awesome as Linda from AT & T Park in San Fran, but pretty good. Besides the Tjardes/Murbarger 6 our group included a family from Milwaukee, and two couples from Fisher and Peoria, respectively, that Nik and I recognized as Illini basketball season ticket holders. They were great.
The tour included the radio broadcast booth, the FSN Midwest Helitech studio, a party room, the Cardinal Club, the field and dugout. The dugout was lots of fun... Nikki and I did our best Tony LaRussa imitations leaning on the steps.

Everyone had a great time on the tour. And you can kind so see it in a couple of pictures that my Dad's cap has a tendency to kind of turn to the side. It think it looks a little gangsta... it cracks me up. Between the wheelchair and the sideways cap... I really was rollin' with my homey.

Me in the KTRS radio booth, doing my best "Shanny" (aka Mike Shannon impression)

Mom & Dad in the dugout

Nik & I doint our best Tony LaRussa impression... leaning on the dugout steps.

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Nikki said...

Tony was totally leaning on the steps like us at the game tonight. However he was not carrying a purse :) I tried to get a picture of it so we could put us and Tony side by side but I couldn't get a good angle. Finally a Cards win tonight! Yay! It was a very exciting game and the seats were totally sweet....8 rows behind the green seats above the Cards on deck circle. I told dad that he totally needs to get those tix again and you can go next time instead of mom cuz she was about to fall asleep. Oh, and I totally managed to curse the opposing hottie again. My gushing over Jeff Francouer totally left him sucking it up this evening :)