Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pork Fritters, Rally Caps & Lemon Chills

So Thursday was the beginning of a whirlwind couple of days with my parents. I got to their house at about 10:30 in the morning and we loaded up the van and headed south. For the most part I rather like my Mom's van... it is a nice ride with the exception of way too schoochy driver's floor mat. Our first stop was Carlinville, home of the Pfeiffers (my sister, Jan, and her family). We met Jan and Larry for lunch at "Angus Bailey's", located on the square, where we opted for a table in the bar vs. the dining room. I asked Jan what was good, and she said "It's Thursday, the special is pork fritters. I always get pork fritters on Thursdays!" Evidently Jan frequents Angus Bailey's quite often on Thursdays. Well it was pork fritters all around, and damn they were good. I had never had a pork fritter before. They are chunks of pork that are lightly breaded then fried... basically the pork version of chicken fingers, or little mini pork chops. They are served with either bbq or butter dipping sauce, applesauce and a side. All in all a tasty lunch, and Jan and Larry filled us in on the latest with Lane and Eric and their dogs, Coco, Molly and Gunner, chocolate, yellow and black labs, respectively. Eric is busy with his golf team and driving his car (he turned 16 in June) he has named "The Grocery Getter". Lane is back at CHS and evidently not really into the getting up early for school thing... Jan wants all the Cardinal games to start at 6:00 so they will be over at a decent hour and Lane will go to bed.

After the fine dining in Carlinville we headed south to St. Louis. Dad questioned me as to whether I was going the right way... he never drives, he doesn't pay attention, so I just told him to sit back and trust me. After we settled into the hotel (which involved me parking the van in a "concrete pillars everywhere" parking garage) we joined the Murbargers (Nikki and her parents) for free cocktails and snacks in the lobby... gotta love the Drury Plaza... we loaded up on free beer and nachos before heading off to the game.

We had some sweet seats for the Cardinals game vs. the Florida Marlins... about 20 rows behind the Cardinal dugout. It was a bit on the toasty side, but when is it not hot in STL? The Cards pretty much "bit it" big time. They lost 11 to 3, and committed 4 errors, it wasn't pretty. One highlight was pitcher turned outfielder and total hottie, Rick Ankiel. He made two awesome throws from right field. One throw kept the runner on third, and the other was a bullet to 2nd nailing a runner who thought he had a routine double. In the 9th inning Nikki and I busted out the rally caps which my "Debbie Downer Dad" totally scoffed at, but they were good for two runs and 11 to 3 is still pretty bad but it is better than 11 to 1.

Despite the outcome it was a good time at the ballpark. A lot of my favs... Brendan Ryan, Albert, Jimmy, Rolen & Ankiel played, and my Flo pitched as well.
After the game we ordered a pizza and chowed down in the Drury Plaza lobby. It was way too hot to each much of anything at the game, and by 11 p.m. our happy hour nachos had worn off.
Oh, during the game there was some minor drama because my Dad did not get a "lemon chill". My Mom had brought back a frozen lemonade from the stand I told her to go to... this frozen lemonade is more of a slushy vs. the solid, eat it with a spoon frozen lemonade that my Dad was looking for... guess I am not up to speed on the "lemon chill". Needless to say Dad went on and on about not getting a lemon chill and Nikki just started to laugh at me. She was laughing because at the Decatur Celebration this year they did not have the deep fried candy bar stand and I was denied that simple pleasure. Then, at the State Fair I looked unsuccefully for a deep friend candy bar and was yet again denied. Evidently my disappointment with the deep fried candy bar was pretty much a dead on imitation of my Dad's disppointment with the lemon chill. Nikki was just cracking up at the similarities.

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