Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's Getting HOT In Here

Wednesday night I went to STL for the Cards game with Nik and our Dads. I believe Nelly said it best with the words "It's getting hot in here"... it was a steamy 106 degrees when we pulled into the parking garage at about 6:30 p.m. It was pretty much a sweat fest for the first hour of the game, but then either it got cooler or we just got used to it. We avoided the sun, so we all survived and the Cards won, so all was well.

I think the heat must fry people's brains because this is what we saw. A woman wearing a crocheted tank top, with a "questionable" choice of undergarment... but at least it was somewhat appropriate for the weather as it was a tank top. Another woman was wearing a long sleeved black crocheted sweater over a white t-shirt..., now I am always cold and wearing a sweater, but even I will leave the sweater at home when it is ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DEGREES OUTSIDE!!!! We later discovered this woman was the mother of the little 6-month old baby we saw at the game. When my Dad saw the baby (he was really cute) he was dumbfounded and just kept asking me "Why is it here?" "Why would you bring it here in this heat?". It was funny he just kept calling it "IT"... my Dad doesn't really get dumb people. It is kind of fun to watch.

Oh, and here is something I just don't get... how are there women/ladies out there that don't appear to sweat or have a single hair out of place in weather like that. I was gross, completely wringing wet and just nasty lookin' before the 1st out in the 1st inning and in the 8th inning this woman returned to her seat looking fresh as a daisy, not a drop of sweat, with her hair looking perfect... every curl in place. How do they do this? Is there a pill you can take for that, because if so, I want it.

Oh, today's kudos go to one Mr. Rick Ankiel for going yard for the Cards in his first MLB game as a position player. Back in the day Rick was a young pitching phenom for the Cards, but injury and later "mind games" led him to leave the mound, but he has worked hard to come back as a position player/center fielder. He has been the HR king in Memphis with the AAA team, and finally is back "In the Show" as they say in "Bull Durham". Kudos Rick! He is a total hottie, so it only seems appropriate he get the kudos in the "... Hot in Here" post :)

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Nikki said...

I am loving the Ankiel comeback!!!! My signed (and personalized thanks to the wonderful woman at Winter Warm-Up) Rick Ankiel pic has remained hanging on my wall in hopes that this day would come. I nearly did cartwheels through the house when he hit the first home run! And by Tony's reaction in the dugout I bet I could have convinced him to do cartwheels with me had I been in the dugout :) And now in today's game he goes 3-4 with 2 HR's! And an amazing catch in RF. Seriously, the next question is....What will Disney name the Rick Ankiel movie that I'm sure is in the works as we speak? I love "The Rookie" (which I just watched this morning courtesy of ABC Family) and basically all of Disney's sports-themed movies. I'm thinking "The Comeback Kid". Or perhaps "One Wild Ride"? Any better ideas?