Monday, August 13, 2007

Do Chickens Fly?

I went to STL again this past weekend... you guessed it, another Cards game. Nik and I didn't do the best job spacing out our games this season, but some things were beyond our control and well I am not turning down a chance to see my boys who wear the birds on the bat. Sunday the boys decided to bring the bats... that is for sure. The Cards won 12-2, and our boys from Memphis done did good... Ludwick, Ankiel, Ryan and Reyes. We saw A-Rey get his second win of the season. Our friends Jane and April were there when he got his first, evidently he just likes to show off for us ladies. Anywho... Brendan Ryan, who I have mentioned in previous posts was called back up from Memphis... I heart him. He not only rocked the socks (that means wore the short pants with the socks showing, a look that Nik and I love), but he went yard and belted a home run for his #1 fan. In all of the HR excitement I knocked Nikki's arm and she still had her chicken fingers basket in her hand and well to answer the post title question... yes, chicken does fly. Luckily Nik was finished with them, but a couple of them definitely hit the woman and her daughter in the row in front of us. I am fairly certain one chicken finger bounced right off the little girls forehead. We apoligized profusely and they were good sports and didn't seem to mind, and luckily the bbq sauce was almost gone and stayed relatively contained.

Speaking of good sports, I took my squeeze, Richard, to the game with us. He managed to survive the 100+ degree heat (thankfully we were in the shade), and the equally difficult task of listening to me gush about how much I love this player and why for 3+ hours, all while dealing with a cold/sinus thing that had him either drugged up or feeling less than great most of the day. I am sure listening to me say "Hey, that's Brendan Ryan... I heart him" got old by the second inning, but as far as I know we are still dating, I guess he doesn't scare to easy. Richard liked the ballpark, and was loving the fact that the out of town scoreboard kept him apprised of the Boston score (that is until they lost)... yep you read it here folks, I am dating a Red Sox fan. The Cardinals' 2006 World Series win went a long way to rid me of the residual Red Sox bitterness I felt after the 2004 Series sweep so I am dealing. He is a native New Englander so really I have to give him props for standing by his team, plus it could be so much worse... he could be a Cub fan... Yikes!

Oh Kudos for this post go to the Sisters Murbarger... Nikki for somehow managing the grace not to get bbq sauce on the folks in front of us even though I nearly knocked her over celebrating the B-Ry homer. Also to Angie for giving us the laugh of the day and getting all tongue tied and actually referring to Brendan Ryan as "Bryan Rendan" when talking to their Dad... priceless.

Editors Note: I gave Richard the STL t-shirt to wear to the game, but the hat was all him. He forgot his Red Sox hat at home, and picked up the STL hat at Wal-Mart before the game.


KChristner said...

I didn't fare so well...I married a Cub fan...but maybe if I take him to enough games, he'll come around
But I have made a bit of an Illini fan out of him...that's something isn't it?

Sarah said...

way to be jano!!!!

Nikki said...

Angie not only managed to call him Bryan Rendan....she then went to Ryan Brendan before finally getting to Brendan Ryan. It made us giggle for quite some time. What can I say? We are easily entertained as well as delirious from the heat. But the look we got from the little girl in front of us who was assaulted by chicken fingers was was definitely the "have you people lost your mind" look. And she kept her eye on us the rest of the game.