Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Give me a dollop o' Daisy

So this week I have had some special house guests. My friend Sarah J, and her dog Daisy have been visiting Monday through Wednesday. Sarah J is an Assembly Hall alum who now works for the Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, Mississippi, but she has been in C-U this past year completing her coursework at UIUC for her PhD in Civil Engineering. Sarah moved her stuff out of her apartment to the house she just bought in V-burg last week, then flew back to get her car, her dog, and wrap up some school stuff with her professor. Since she was already moved out of her apartment, she and Miss Daisy have been bunking with me this week.

Crazy Daisy has been a hoot to live with for a few days. As I type this she has just been banished to her crate for an early bedtime because she managed to get a charred bratwurst out of the garbage and start chowing down. On Monday she didn't really want to have anything to do with me, but by Tuesday I was Daisy's new best friend, she followed me around like, well... a puppy dog.

I can't believe Sarah J's year in C-U is already up... it seems like just yesterday I was helping her move in. I didn't get in near the Sarah J time I wanted to, so it has been fun hanging out with her these past few days. I have a link to Sarah's blog to the right, and you need to check it out just to see how truly complicated buying a house from nine hours away and moving back is. Plus there are also pics of Sarah's house which is just way cute and Sarah-like. I will really miss having Sarah around, she is just so fun and easy to be with. Plus she has totally gotten me into the habit of saying "y'all" one of the Southern habits she has managed to adopt as a damn Yankee living in the South. I am not fixin' to pick up the "fixin" vernacular just yet, but maybe I will just as a salute to Sarah J.

So Sarah J and Daisy, have a safe trip back to Mississippi, and I will try to visit y'all soon.

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Sarah said...

Hey Y'all!

We made it back to MS. Daisy and I are now officially Mississippians. More importantly, after a week without, we have tv and internet. It is amazing how much you can miss without being wired. We had a great time and hope that Dollup of Daisy wasn't too much of a pain :-)

We're fixin to get our oven fixed today, as soon as the guys show up. (couldn't resist)