Monday, August 20, 2007

He's awful purty and he smells good!

Sunday night I went to the Illinois in Springfield to the state fair to see Sugarland in concert with one of my favs, Joe Nichols. It was a great concert. I went with Nikki, her sister Angie, and their Dad, Jerry. Jerry drove, I kind of felt like I was in junior high again having my friend's Dad drive my to a concert. It was a very late night, so I was glad to have somebody else drive most of the way. We had meet and greet passes to meet Joe Nichols, well at least us girls did because well we are total dorks and members of the Joe Nichols Fan Club. Joe is a Cardinal fan so we always manage to talk about the team. A lady ahead of us in line for some reason felt compelled to give Joe a very large Chicago Cubs bra... Joe was actually speechless. Because one of his hit songs is "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" he is used to receiving female articles of clothing on stage and such... but the Cubs bra was over the top. When Nik got to the front of the line she said something about "Cub fans, they get in first place and they just go crazy" to which Joe responded "Yeah, I know, you would think they had never been in first place before... oh, wait they haven't." Very amusing. The title of this post refers to the very entertaining Miss Angie. She had never met Joe before and said "Wow he is kind of pretty" and then afterwards as we were leaving the meet & greet she said "He smelled so good, did you smell him, he smelled really good". Joe's show was great, however I much prefer him in a smaller venue when he can do his entire set... he just works better in that setting.

Sugarland was amazing. I just love them. They don't have a single song I don't really love and feel that somehow it was written just for me. Jennifer and Christian just have great chemistry on stage and their "choreography" is just very enjoyable. They actually covered both Beyonce and U2, and it worked. Great show! There were empty seats in the row above us for most of the Sugarland show so we moved up there so we could stand and dance without blocking the view of the folks behind us. I still have a nasty sore throat so I must have been singing along with much gusto. For the last song, a woman we didn't know from several rows in front of us came up to sing and dance with us because she didn't want to obstruct the view of the folks behind her and well as she said everyone else as the concert were "Total Duds!" . I love that we have the "nice and inviting" look and don't look like total duds... leave it to us to make friends wherever we go!

It was a very musical weekend. I finished up with Joe and Sugarland, but got it off to agood start by going a High School Musical/High School Musical 2 watch party at my friend Anne's house. It was the bomb diggity. I was new the HSM scene but what is not to love... cheesy teen Disney musical. #1 has a bit of a Grease! theme, while #2 has a bit of "Dirty Dancing" flavor. There was a song called "Fabulous" and one that was performed during a baseball game! This was so me. My 6-year old friend, Sidney, attended a similar watch party. Sid and I have an awful lot in common... not sure if this a positive or negative for each of us. It just kind of cracks me up.

So that was pretty much my weekend. Oh, and I hung out with Richard too. I discovered he does not like "pink fluffy stuff" (aka salad with cherry pie filling, pineapple, nuts, marshmallows and cool whip) He's not a salad guy, nothing wrong with that I guess. I just feel a little bit sad for him though... I just love pink fluffy stuff and even more fun than eating pink fluffy stuff is referring to it as pink fluffy stuff... he's been denied this joy and well that is just unfortunate.

So I don't like to complain, but some stuff is just is blog-worthy. So today I am starting a bit of an anti-kudos thing aptly titled "Today's Grrr". Today I happened to have two Grrr's. The first, I nearly ran over a U of I student today at lunch. Yep they are back, and I God love 'em this town would be way sucky without the university, and I count many current students among my friends, but why must they be completely oblivious of traffic! The second Grrr for the day is our printer at work. It continued to print today, but made the most horrific clanking with every page. Kudos to Allison whose desk is closest to the printer for not throwing herself, the printer or anyone else out the window. Please let it be fixed tomorrow, it sounded like someone was beating with a baseball bat. If they don't fix it soon I may dump it in a bowl of chicken noodle soup and put it out of its misery.
Editors Note: Nik's picture with Joe was taken approximately 1 minute before mine. Notice that Joe's hair is much flatter in my pic than hers? What is that about? He does have a tendency to constantly run his hands over his hair to fix/flatten I guess I never realized how well it worked. I am amused that Joe has a kind of pouty/growl thing going on in my photo as well. Please also note that Reba McEntire signed the wall of fame directly above our heads.

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