Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boyfriend Kudos!

So I have to give Eric some Kudos! He is always very good to me, takes care of me, makes me laugh and is just a delightful companion in general, but he went above and beyond this weekend. My friend Jeanne called me on Sunday afternoon to let me know that her Mom, Kathy, had passed away. I took it rather hard and Eric was a great comfort to me. Kathy's wake was on Monday (Memorial Day) and Eric wanted to be there for me, so he rode with me on Monday all the way to Crestwood, a south suburb of Chicago, and back, grabbed a quick bite to eat at my house, then got in his car and made the nearly 3 hour drive home. Yes, that is 7+ hours in a car on Monday just so he could be there for me... add that to the ever growing list of why I love him! Kudos Eric!

Editors Note: Hey loyal Jano Fabulous blog readers... please keep Jeanne and her family in your prayers.

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