Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy Cow! Al Got Married

So I have been a total blog slacker of late, but hopefully tonight I can catch y'all up on the latest.

Eric was down for the weekend, and we went to my friend Allison's (affectionately referred to as Al) wedding. So despite having a wicked bad crush on St. Louis Cardinal pitcher turned outfielder, Rick Ankiel, Al is a Cub fan. I know, I know, but we still love her anyway. So get this, Al married an even bigger Cub fan, Bill... but he makes Al ridiculously happy and he is a great guy so we are more than willing to deal with the Cubbieness of their union. Al had a few heart breaker boyfriends in her day, but Bill is a way good guy I whole-heatedly approve of. I guess Al just proves the point that if you don't date the frogs, you can't fully appreciate the prince.
Al and Bill's reception had a bit of baseball theme and Eric, Nikki and I all found it rather enjoyable as we are baseball fans. They had popcorn for us to snack on with our beer, the groom's cake had a Wrigley feel (I really do enjoy the announcement on the marquis on the cake).

Al and Bill even sported their jersey's at the wedding. All in all it was a good time. And I guess if Al couldn't marry Rick Ankiel... Bill will do just fine!

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