Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Blog Back-Up

So I leave town for a few days and return to be four birthday behind in the blog... seriously everyone I know was born in July. I was in Indy over the weekend, with Eric and the Barkers, Scott, Tara and Kira. Scott and Eric went to the Nascar race at the Brickyard on Sunday, while the girls did a little shopping. On Saturday we went to the Indy Zoo, and then on Monday we stopped by the Indianapolis Children's Museum before heading home. So... I have been kind of busy, thus me being a total blog slacker. Here is a picture of the gang before heading off to Indy.

Alas, I am going to try and catch up on the birthday blogging. Sunday July 27th was a triple threat... Eric's birthday, my college roommate Jeanne's birthday, and my nephew Lane's birthday. Then on July 28th was my friend Karen's 30th birthday! That's a lot of birthdays, I know here goes.

Happy Birthday, Eric! What can I say.... well a lot actually, so I will special blog for him later. Sorry if the rest of you feel slighted but he is puts up will all of my crap and he makes me coffee, so I am sure you will understand.

Happy Birthday, Jeanne! Actually Jeanne was just here visiting me for few days last week. She was back home visiting her Dad near Chicago for a few weeks, and needed to come down to the U of I to meet with the folks in the Art & Design Department to set up a scholarship in her Mom, Kathleen's memory. It was pretty low key, but I always enjoy hanging out with Jeanne. We watched Project Runway... she turned me on that fabulous show. She and her husband, Ted, are looking to move from Florida now that Ted is wrapping up his PhD. Ted is an ocean engineer so I am hoping for a beachy place to stay when I go visit. Jeanne told me that I always looks so nice and put together whenever I go anywhere. I love that because most times I think I don't look so great. When was Jeanne was planning her visit I mentioned that her birthday was the same as Eric's and she graciously said to blog about me sweetie and not her... that was kind of sweet. Also, Friday before she headed home she stopped and got a birhtday present for Eric... some Fat Tire beer. I was very good... and she slyly figured out his beer preferences by asking me about it the day before... I was clueless I had no idea she was quizzing me, just thought she was showing interest in my boyfriend. I love that Jeanne is setting up a scholarship to honor her mom... she loved art and art history, and I think a scholarship is great way to honor and remember her. I am going to give it a plug. If you love art or art history, or just love Moms, or are looking for a tax write off let me know I can give you all the info for the Kathleen Genis Memorial Fund. Happy Birthday, Jeanne!

Happy Birthday, Lane! Laner is my oldest nephew and he just turned 20. He is going to go to Carlinville High School for one more year, then is going to go to Carbondale the following fall for a residential program to improve his life skills. We he come back from Carbondale he will have his own place to live. Jan & Larry found a little fixer upper house in Carlinville at auction and the Pfeiffer family is working hard on fixing it up for Lane and his dogs. Eric and I checked it out last weekend when we were there. It will take some work (but they are all handy like that) but it will be perfect for Lane. Within walking distance of both Jan & Larry's work, the ballfields at the school, the grocery store where Lane works, and church. Lane is excited about it and I am too. Lane is so much fun to hang out with, he always has something on his mind to ask you about... usually sports, but you never know. Lane doesn't forget much either, he hasn't been around Eric all that much but he remembers what teams/drivers Eric likes and he is quick to ask him about them. Even though he is 20, Lane never fails to tell me "pooty pooty pooh" everytime I see him, something that started when he was just a little boy. I also remember the book Lane loved to have read to him when he was little. He got so excited whenever you read it to him... I still have parts of it memorized "Esther's Trunk by Jez Alborough. Esther felt just like a chump. My trunk (she was an elephant) she said 'has lost it's trump'... whenever you find yourself in such a pickle, here's a feather, try a tickle (she had a pickle stuck in her trunk, and they used a feather to tickle it and make her sneeze and thus eject the pickle) Happy Birthday, Lane!

Happy Birthday, Karen! Karen is one of my bestest buddies that I met at the Assembly Hall. She was Nikki's roommate in college/post college for a few years. She was my roommate for a few months when she went back to school and did her student teaching. Karen live in Effingham with her husband Ben. Okay so they have been married a year and it is still slightly weird to realize that Karen is a wife. Karen teaches high school, and is the yearbook advisor. I admire the fact that she is doing her part to shape the leaders of tomorrow... I don't know that I have the patience to deal with high school kids every day. Some of my best Karen memories are from our trip to Disney a number of years ago, and our annual girls trip to STL for the Illinois-Mizzou braggin' rights game. I can't recall all of the specifics but just remember laughing a lot. I miss having Karen around on a more regular basis, but I love that we pretty much just pick up right where we left off. I also can't believe Karen is 30! I actually have loved my thirties... they have been so much better than my twenties, not sure why but they just have been, probably because I stopped tryin to figure out what I "should" be/do and just started being/doing! Happy Birthday Karen!

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