Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom-E!

Today's birthday bloggee is Linda Noyd, Eric's Mom. Happy Birthday Linda!

I have know Linda for about five months now, and she has been incredibly welcoming. I don't know her really well but so far I like what I see. She is a loving, loyal and caring wife, mother and grandmother. She raised two wonderful sons who love God, their family and the St. Louis Cardinals. She also raised them to put the toilet seat down too. Not just the seat but the lid, which is above and beyond my upbringing. It makes perfect sense but if you put the lid down, then flush it keeps any toilet germs stirred up by the flush inside the bowl, rather than splattered about the bathroom. Eric said his Mom taught him that... why did I not know that before I met Eric?

Linda is infamous for the calendars she makes as Christmas gifts for the family each year. It includes birthdays, anniversaries etc. and each month contains pictures of the family from that same month the previous year. As such she always has a camera at the ready, a you better remember that whatever you are doing you are likely to be calendar fodder. I am thinking I might make the 2009 calendar... it will be an honor.

I knew I liked Linda the first time I met her... when I left she hugged me good-bye... TWICE! Happy Birthday, Linda! And a special thanks for raising your oldest son to be a man I am honored to love and call my Sweet-E.
Editors Note: This is picture of Linda with Eric and his Dad, Mike as they were embarking on a cruise ship last December

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