Saturday, October 6, 2007

Blogs & Braces

Thursday night I went to Leroy to see my niece Taylor's volleyball match. They didn't play well the first game, but they stepped it up in the last two games and won the match. Miss Taylor made a couple of awesome plays at the end of game three to win the match. Kudos Taylor! She did this all while sporting new braces on her top teeth. The retainer never did the trick so she has some more permament hardware for the next 8 to 12 months. The cool thing, her braces are pink and green. Not obnoxiously pink and green, but the bands have a little bit of color in them that when you are up close... definitely some color. Anyway, if you have to wear braces they might as well be as fashionable as possible, right?

Okay the title of this post is "Blogs & Braces". We have discussed the braces, now time for some blogs. I have added a couple of blogs to my favorite links on the right hand side of this page. The additions include:

The Baby Blog- This blog is all about the happenings of my second boyfriend, Jeremiah. J-Man will be one year old in about a month, and is perhaps the cutest and most well-behaved baby I have ever known. He likes the Illini, the Cardinals, and Leinies... pretty much my dream date. A big thanks to Jeremiah's parents, John and Marla, for helping him with his posts.

Abe and Allie- This blog is posted by my recently married friends, Abe and Allison. Allison used to be in my small group and church, and they live in Evanston, Illinois where Abe cheers for the Cubs (boo!) and Allison cheers for the Cards (Yay!). OK, so Abe cheers for the Illini, so he's not half bad.

Matt and Anne- The blog belongs to Matt and Anne, a couple I know from church. Anne hearts Matt and Math, Matt hearts Anne and the Brewers and the Packers.

Jake's Blog- So Jake was my Illini football freshman mentee last season. This season he decided to leave the team and pursue life as a "normal" college student. Being normal must be nice because he is the only one getting paid for his blog. It is on the U of I admissions website, were various students in different majors are asked to blog about campus life, school, housing, the community etc. The link to his page takes you to a "About Jake" page, then at the bottom there is a list his various posts. I highly recommend reading about his search for an apartment for next year... it is hysterical.

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Anonymous said...

I have a link now from here...I'm feeling big time...I sometimes wonder if anybody reads what I write...but I can count on something from Jano...Jake