Monday, October 8, 2007

Rashard & Real Estate

Saturday I went to the Illini football game. It was awesome, the Illini came out fighting and beat #5 Wisconsin. Rashard Mendenhall (coincidentally also #5) ran for 160 yards and two touchdowns, and once again proved to me why he is one of my favorites. When I think of Rashard I can't help but think of my favorite Rashard story. Last season while at a game Rashard made a great play and they put up his picture on the jumbotron, along with the following "Rashard Mendenhall, So. Skokie, IL". My response to Nikki, "Hey look, I didn't know there was a South Skokie, who knew, but that is where Rashard is from." Nik gave me the strangest look, and replied "Um, Jane, I think that he is a SOPHMORE from Skokie, not from South Skokie!"... yep, perhaps one of my dumbest moments ever. To this day we laugh about "South" Skokie.

Nikki was at her class reunuion, so Richard when to the game with me. He loves football, but doesn't have a particular allegiance to the Illini. He didn't wear red, and didn't actively cheer for the Badgers so I can live with that :) Walking towards the stadium Richard and I came across a lovely house. I know Nikki has been thinking about buying a house in Champaign, and Richard being ever the smart azz thought she might want take a look at this one. Here is the picture.
If any of you want to take a closer look, it is across the street from Jillian's. I told Richard that it kind of looks like they took the wheels off of one of those "log cabin" looking trailers from which they sell hickory pit barbeque at local fairs and festivals. Nik, on the plus side... you would be conveniently located close to the stadium.

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Sarah said...

Oh Jano, I had forgotten all about So. Skokie. i knew there was a good story about Rashard. that was it.

dumbest moment ever? i'll give you some competition (see my blog today).