Monday, October 8, 2007

Hey Baby I'm Your Telephone Man

I was talking to my college/post college roommate, Jeanne, the other day. Evidently her Dad, Len, is one of my loyal blog readers. He has been wondering why my blog does not feature pictures of me wearing my various Ameritch aka "phone guy" apparel. Back in the day when Len worked for Ameritech, he would score various "phone guy" apparel for Jeanne and I to wear. (FYI, I still have a jacket, and I break it out every fall for leaf raking for some reason). Anyway, to return the favor I had my Dad put together a collection of "farmer hats" (aka hats he acquires from various seed, chemical and tractor dealers) to give to Len. Jeanne said that he still sports the farmer hats. In fact he busted out a farmer hat awhile back to play baseball in the backyard with Jeanne's nephew (Len's grandson), Jack. Evidently Jack got to decide who wore what hat. Jack wore a farmer hat, Len wore Mighty Mouse.

I also used to sing the "Telephone Man" song for Jeanne and her Dad. I am not sure where this song came from, but I am fairly certain that I actually heard it somewhere, as opposed to making it up. So to thank Len for being a faithful blog reader... here is my web rendition of "Telephone Man"

(in high pitched feminine voice)... Wednesday at 3:00 I called the phone company, Thursday at 4:00 I got a knock on my door... (in a very deep manly voice) Hey baby I'm your telephone man, you can have it with a buzz, you can have it with a ring, and if you really want it you can have a Ding-A-Ling! Hey baby I'm your telephone man!

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