Friday, October 12, 2007

You can be as loud as you want tomorrow

Greetings from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Nikki and I hit the road this afternoon to make the trip to Iowa for the Illinois vs. Iowa game Saturday in Iowa City. We are staying about 25 miles up the road in Cedar Rapids in an $80 room at the Hampton Inn vs. the $200+ rooms in Iowa City proper.

We are here with the Thomas clan, after a stop in Geneseo, Illinois to watch Jenn's nephew, Anthony, play JV football for the Green Machine... aka the Geneseo Maple Leafs. The Green Machine rolled to a convincing 42-8 victory.

Once at the hotel Nikki and I went across the hall to hang out with the Thomas fam, aka Jenn, White Mocha and the Lil' Mochas. Sidney and Abby were definitely "full steam ahead"... pun totally intended. Abby, being somewhat meat adverse was eating her McDonalds cheeseburger sans the burger... bun, cheese & ketchup... brings new meaning to veggie burger, huh. FYI, it was free because the folks at McDonalds needed several tries to actually figure out what they were ordering.

Jenn and John were trying to get them settled down so they didn't wake up the entire hotel, and Abby was not really down with that plan at which point Sidney said "Abby be quiet, you can be as loud as you want tomorrow at the football game, it is outside and you are supposed to yell." Our rooms are quite nice, newly remodeled in fact, but Sidney was (and I quote) "expecting a bigger room".

I will leave you with a song White Mocha and Lil' Mochas were singing just before decided to retire for the evening...

Iced White Mocha (rapped to the tune of Ice Ice Baby)
Cruisin' .... in my Silverado
With the windows down,
So my hair can blow...

Time for bed... need to get our rest so we can cheer Rashard, J, Juice and Co. on tomorrow.

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