Tuesday, January 1, 2008

There is no washing your hair in football

So just few post game tidbits. #1 We totally saw my mentee Cole on TV on the sideline, right behind Juice when they put McGee in the game, I definitely yelled "Hi Cole!". #2 Nik and I saw USC QB, John David Booty walking towards the tunnel with about 4 or 5 minutes to go, when he accepted the MVP trophy after the game he was definitely freshly showered, or at the very least went in and washed his face and hair... who does that? John David, there's no washing your hair in football, I thought the Rose Bowl was sponsored by Citi... not Pantene. #3 Illinois needs to work on holding on to the ball, Nik's idea is to have every player who catches/carries the ball carry a ball with a computer chip in it around campus this semester, and everyone else on campus will try to knock it out of their hands. The computer chip records the "hold on vs. drop" stats for the coaching staff so perhaps Coach Zook can call them into his office and say something like "Ok, Jeff, so I can understand why the big guy in your math class knocked the ball out of your hands, but seriously the 5 foot tall sorority girl from Speech Com, boy you have to toughen up!" #4 Matt Leinhart... yep he used to play for USC, but darn it if he isn't completely hott! #5 I am all for sporting the Rose Bowl outfits, but the USC dance squad had the ugliest sweaters known to man... they had very large and obnoxious roses embroidered on them. #6 Okay, so we lost, and maybe we are just a little bitter, but seriously aren't the USC players total punks? Really... 3 unsportsmanlike celebration penalties, class it up Trojans! #7 Why is WICD dragging on the post-game coverage. We lost, by a lot, let's just move on, #8 WICD were also the idiots that sold banner advertising to Good Vibes that scollled at the bottom of the screen during the game, it was so annoying.

Oh well, a disappointing game, but still a great season. And that is your Rose Bowl post game blog, brought to you by Pantene.

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