Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Birthday Hits Just Keep Coming

So, it is July 6th, and yet another birthday to celebrate. My goddaughter, Abigail, turns 3 years old today. She was featured in the "Milestones" post... big girl panties and all. Anyway, Happy Birthday Abby!

Abigail is a super cutie, strawberry blond curls, full of mischief... what is not to love. Personally I think she was born about two days late... she should have been born July 4th... definitely the "Independent" type. Sometimes Abby will talk to me on the telephone... most of the time I have now idea what she is saying, but she is usually excited to be telling it you. One time I understood her perfectly, she said "Hi Aunt Jane, we are at the MALL!". That is my girl. Abigail definitely has a bit of the "wild child" in her. One of my favorite stories about Abby is last fall when she and her family were visiting me for an Illini football weekend. Saturday night Jenn, John, Nikki, Sarah J and I were all hanging out in my living room after dinner, and John had just finished a beer. Abby wanted to try the beer, and since it was nearly empty John let her have it assuming she would make the "beer face" much like Nikki and that would be the end of that. Well... not so much she was licking on that bottle all night long. Abigail, Abigail... you are your father's daughter and you are going to have so much fun in college :)

Happy Birthday Abby!

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