Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Who Wants a Beer Now?

That was the line of one of the beer vendors at the Cards game Monday night. Very clever, he used it when the Diamondbacks tied up the game. Not to worry, the Cards came back with a flurry and won 11-3. We had quite the entertaining assortment of beer vendors in our section. It made me wish my nephews Eric and Jeremy were with me. One of their favorite things to do at the game is to watch and then immitate the beer vendors... Jeremy especially, he could do a one-man show of his various beer vendor immitations.

Nikki and I had great seats for the game, right behind the Cards dugout, about 20 rows off the field. It provided the perfect vantage point to engage in one of our favorite summertime activities... "boy watching". Before the game we got an up close and personal view of the DS (desiginated stretcher) working with Albert (please see picture). I don't think I could be the DS and not lose my concentration... heck I lost my concentration just looking at the DS's backside.
Scotty Ro flashed us with the perfection that is his forearms, and he seemed to respond positively to the "Rollin/Rolen" dance routine Nik and I would do to the tune of "Proud Mary" every time he was up to bat. My boy Jimmy is still on the DL, but he spent a good portion of the game leaning against the front rail of the dugout for me too gaze upon. One positive of the DL is that he was sans wristbands so we were able to sneak a peak at his "DK 57" tat on his right wrist. Thank you Jimmy, I don't get to see the ink that much.

Another favorite, Skip Schumaker is still up with the big club while Jimmy is on the DL. Nik and and I decided Skip needed a song... so now we sing "Skip, Skip, Skip's in the Lou" everytime he is up to bat. Also, Brendan Ryan... (see previous post I Heart Brendan Ryan) was there as Eck is not off the DL yet. He was standing next to his teammate, Ryan Ludwick (kudos to Ludwick for his 2 HR's on Sunday btw). So collectively their jersey's spelled 'Ryan Ludwick'.
My boy Flo pitched 3 up 3 down to finish the game in the 9th. He was worked a little hard and consequently had a rough June so TLR and Dunc had rested him a few days to get him right. Evidently the rest did him some good... he had a nice outing.

All in all a great game, and good times. San Fran and Oakland were great trips, but it was good to be back home again at Busch III... Baseball Heaven.

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