Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hairspray & Alcohol?

So another Sunday and Nikki and I were once again almost thwarted in our chosen activity of the day (see I am a Princess your not post for details on the pedicures that never were). Anyway after brunch we headed to the theater to see the 1:10 show of Hairspray, only to discover I evidently can't read the paper correctly and the next shows are at 1:40 and 2:10. We buy our tix for the 1:40 show and are prepared to wait it out. After using the ladies room I came up with an idea to kill time, and this is why Nik is my best bud because she didn't bat an eye when these words came out of my mouth "Hey, want to walk to Friar Tuck and well... look at alcohol?". Instead she just shrugged her shoulders and said "Hey, why not, it isn't like we have anything better to d0."

So, we actually went and "browsed" at Friar Tuck. I didn't realize that they have all the little tiny bottles of alcohol that you find on airplanes and in mini-bars. We found a couple of other intriguing items that may make there way on to our shopping list next time we are in party mode.

Then we went to see Hairspray, it was awesome! I give it 5 stars, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good movie. I have since down loaded the soundtract from i-tunes. At the end of the show I actually said "That was really good, I just want to go out into the street and dance!". I wasn't sure how I would react to John Travolta in drag, but somehow it worked.
On a completey unrelated note: Todays Kudos to one Mr. Scott Rolen on his 1,000 career RBI. Scotty Ro decided to "bring it" against the Brewers this weekend with some key hits/RBI's. I heart you Roley!

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