Monday, July 9, 2007

G' Day Nate!

My "little sister" (former Assembly Hall mate) Nathan left for Australia this evening. He lives in Chicago and works as a civil engineer and has been given the opportunity by his employer to work in Brisbane, Australia for the next 2-4 months. I think he is working on some big road/tunnel project, or something like that. Nathan is the person I always curse if ever stuck in road construction traffic. I know that he personally is not to blame, but at some point in the process he probably had something to do with a lot of the roads being constructed in the midwest so why not blame him?

You may be wondering where the "little sister" thing came from. It resulted from the two of us both spontaneously singing "2 Legit 2Quit" before an Assembly Hall meeting one night when the topic of MC Hammer came up. I said we we're "Soul Sisters"... it stuck. Nathan really is kind of like a little sister to me... okay he is boy, but we do discuss our hair a lot (we both sport the curls), we make fun of each other mercilessly, we have shopped together, I give him sage older sister advice, he will often ignore it, we watch Freaky Friday, decorate cookies and the like. Nathan is one of my favorite people to spoil and/or take care of because unlike many people he just lets you spoil or take care of him. So many people, myself included, seem to develop guilt complexes or something and are saying "Oh, please don't go to any trouble" which often times takes all of the fun out of the spoiling. Nathan gets that "taking care" of others is my thing, and just lets me do it, I like that about him.

Anyway, Nathan will be blogging about his Australian adventures, and his blog "Nate Down Under" is listed as one of my favorite links over on the right hand side of this page. Check it out... I am anxiously awaiting the Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Elle McPherson and Air Supply sightings! I am excited for him and his little adventure, I hope his nearly 24 hours of traveling goes quickly. I will miss my lil' sis though. I know he lives in Chicago and it isn't like we see or talk to each other all the time, but who will send me text messages to let me know Britney shaved her head, or Anna Nicole died while he is gone? Who will text me at 11 pm on a Friday night to let me pick out what song I want my ringer to be their phone when I call? (Walking on Sunshine btw... it is my most favorite song ever) Guess we will have to do those things via email/blog the next few months. So, G'Day Nate! Have a great time on your "Walk About"!

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