Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm A Princess, You're Not

So Nikki and I went to get pedicures today (her office now allows her to wear capris and sandals with no nylons... she officially sucks), only to find out that the nail place is no longer open on Sundays. This bit doubly hard because we had both just removed the polish we already had on our toes in anticipation of said manicure. We then went to the mall to Trade Secret to get some new OPI nail polish. Besides nail polish I left the mall with a pair of shoes, two shirts, and several other purchases... it would have been much cheaper to have gotten a pedicure.

I did pick up some great nail polish... OPI has THE best nail polish names. My buddy Nathan, currently Down Under inspired me to check out the Australian Collection... and I am now the proud owner of "Suzie Loves Sydney" and "Kangarooby". But by far the best color I picked up was "I am a Princess, You're Not!"

I just got back from the Blessed Union of Souls concert at Blocks Brewery in Decatur. Very enjoyable show, although the lead singer definitely could have pulled up his pants a bit during the last couple of songs :)

Last night I met Jake (the Illini football player I mentored last year) for dinner at Pickles. He is a cheap date... NCAA rules require separate checks :) It was good to catch up with him. For the entire school year we met for 30 minutes every week, and then I didn't see him for 2 months... we had lots to talk about. He said he thought the Illini football team would surprise a few folks this season... I hope he is right. The new freshmen are on campus now... so I will be getting a new mentee in about six weeks. Hopefully he will be as great as Jake, but it will be tough. Here is a picture of Jake and I from Football Family Fun Fest. I wonder how Jake feels about being featured in the "I'm a Princess, You're Not!" post? Jake is a kicker, perhaps he has used the "I'm Princess, You're Not!" line with some of of the linemen?

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