Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to one Flessner, Happy Birthday to them ALL!

Today, July 30th is Tena Flessner’s birthday. Tena’s younger sister, Lindsey, is one of my former Busey co-workers and one of my best buddies. Linds has a twin sister, Meredith. The three Flessner girls are truly one of a kind. Like the title of this post says, if you are wishing one Flessner a happy birthday you are wishing them all a happy birthday. Linds and Mer celebrated their birthday on May 1st so this is a belated birthday post for them as well.

The “one Flessner/all Flessners” verbiage comes from something that was said to Mer’s boyfriend (now fiancé, Chad, aka Chadster… congrats by the way guys). I believe the phrase was “You date one Flessner, you are dating them all”. They truly are a package deal, they share everything… hopes and joys, clothes, laughs and tears, clothes, ups and downs, clothes, make-up and recipes, clothes, good times and bad times, shoes, defeats and frustrations, clothes, homework and papers, shoes, faith and caring for others, granitas and pecans, shoes, passions and pet peeves, and oh, I almost forgot… clothes and shoes.
As tight as they are they are all truly unique. Linds the ex-banker turned fashion merchandiser, Mer the speech and language pathologist and Tena the future pharmacist. The Flessners are farm girls like me, I like that we can all drive tractors if the situation calls for it. However, unlike the Flessners I do not have a “ski slope Barbie” sweater. They have a sweater that is pink/purple with suede patches on it that is just very ski slope Barbie. One winter we saw each of them wearing said sweater on separate occasions… the “ski slope Barbie” thing just stuck. The Flessners are the ones that dubbed my chocolate sheet cake (aka cowboy cake) Cowgirl Jane cake. I like that. I like that they are passionate about things, often times simple things like pecans, turkey bacon and granitas. They notice things like when you get your hair highlighted, and ask about things you were stressed about the last time you talked to them.

One of my favorite Flessner stories is when I introduced Nikki to them for the first time at an Illini tailgate. When heading into the game after visiting with them for a few minutes Nikki said to me “I never thought I would ever be friends with girls who would wear a skirt to a football game, but they are so nice and sweet, I know that I am!” Side note: Nik and I have both since worn skirts to a stadium and/or ballpark.

One time I can’t remember what the situation was but I was referred to as an “honorary Flessner”… it was one of the best compliments I have ever received.

Happy Birthday Tena Flessner! Happy Belated Birthday Lindsey and Meredith Flessner! You love one Flessner you love them all!

Editors Note: I don't have a picture of all three Flessners, but this one is of me and Linds at Busch Stadiaum... FYI, neither one of us are wearing skirt.

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