Friday, July 13, 2007


July 14th is Jen Rohn's birthday.

Happy Birthday Jen Rohn! Jen is one of the leaders of my church small group. The first Sunday I attended my church, Quest United Methodist, Jen was the first person to say "Hi" and introduce herself to me. I just remember feeling really welcomed at Quest, and just kept coming back. Today Quest is such a big part of my life, and the faith community I have there has done some amazing things for me over the past three years. If Jen hadn't said "Hi' who knows if I would have felt so compelled to come back.

Jen has encouraged me to become involved in our small group leadership. I don't always see these leadership qualties in myself, but I trust her judgement, and I know it is something that will challenge me... I need to be challenged sometimes... thanks for doing that Jen, I need it.

I always seem to be complimenting Jen on her shoes and purses.... she has good taste. Or perhaps it is just regular taste, but similar to mine... nope I am pretty sure the two of us both have good taste. When I went to cardio kickboxining class (I really should go back) I would alway see Jen in the mirror, standing behind me grinning... she was always amused by the intensity and drama of my punches... it was funny, it really looked like I was beating the crap out of someone... who knew I was filled with so much rage. I like that me being filled with rage is something that Jen finds funny, and is not something expected.

One of my favorite memories with Jen is a trip to the Decatur Celebration. In the course of approximately six hours we saw performances by Jars of Clay, Cletus T. Judd, and The Village People... don't say we can't appreciate all types of music. Words cannot decribe the The Village People experience... they were so gay... and old, old & gay, yet at the same time doing the YMCA on the streets of Decatur with 1,000's of people with THE Village People is kind of cool, certainly a once in a lifetime kind of thing. The very first album I ever owned was The Village People, one of my friends gave it to me for my 8th birthday. I loved that album, I was devastated when I had taken it to a friends house then left it in the back window of my mom's car and it warped in the sun. When I was 8 I didn't realize the Village People were gay, I just thought the cowboy was really cute, and that they were just fabulous. At age 35... well let's just say I learned a lot during those 27 years.

Okay, enough about The Village People, and back to the greatness that is Jen Rohn. Oh, Jen was one of the many people to provide me with fantastic chauffeur services this spring when I was in the cast. Thanks Jen. Oh, Jen also makes the most wonderful peanut butter cookies with little snickers bars inside. I love them so much I want to marry them. I suppose I could get the recipe and make them myself, but they really are a Jen Rohn thing, I think if I made them they somehow wouldn't be as good.

I could go on and on, but I will stop here and just say.... Happy Birthday Jen Rohn!

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