Sunday, July 22, 2007

Peace, Love & Chocolate Cake

So yesterday I made a meal to take to a family from church who have a new baby (and a 2-year old). I decided I would make a chocolate sheet cake for dessert... I must admit I make a pretty good chocolate sheet cake, which by the way in the Tjardes family is referred to as "Cowboy Cake" for some reason, not sure why- maybe because in some circles it is referred to as Texas sheet cake, and cowboys live in Texas. I was probably age 30 before I realized that the rest of the world does not know what the heck you are talking about when you say "Cowboy Cake". These days my friend Lindsey's family, The Flessner Girls, call it "Cowgirl Jane Cake"... I kind of like that name, for some reason it just makes me smile.

So anyway, back to the cake I made. Cowboy Cake feeds a whole lot of cowboys, and I wouldn't need to take the entire cake to the family from church, and I certainly didn't need to finish it off myself, so I decided to share a little peace, love and chocolate cake today. So after church I packed up the cake in the cooler and after a few phone calls hit the road delivering peace, love and chocolate cake.

My first cake stop was at Judy's house in Urbana. Judy is the commercial lending receptionist at Busey Bank, and basically my "bank mom". She had knee replacement surgery about six weeks ago so she hasn't been at work lately. It was great to see Judy... I really miss her at work, it just isn't the same place without her. I think Judy keeps better track of my life than I do.

After Judy's house I continued east to Royal to see another co-worker on the mend, Linda Smith (see July 9th post). Linda was in an car accident about 3 weeks ago and has a really jacked up shoulder/collar bone aka seat belt injury. She doesn't have to have surgery as originally anticipated, but still needs time to get that broken wing healed up. It was great to see Linda too, and really nice to sit and visit and not have to worry about our work not getting done.

Judy and Linda are two my favorite things about working at Busey... having them both gone at the same time... well let's just say I am probably getting more work done these days, but it isn't quite as much fun. I love Judy and Linda... they love my Cowboy Cake, we all like to talk, things were working out well today.

Since I was already in Royal, for my final stop on the cake walk, I kept heading east to Danville. There I stopped to visit, Richard, the fabulous man I have been dating. Turns out he likes my chocolate cake too.

Peace, Love & Chocolate Cake!

Kudo's today go to my Mom (Marilyn Tjardes) and my Grandmother (Doris Tjardes) for the Cowboy Cake recipe and for teaching me that it tastes better when you share it with others.

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